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Thursday, June 5, 2014

0002 - meeting

The street lamp outside blew, sending shards of glass pecking at my window. Sleep would be hard to come by tonight.
My alarm went off. I groaned into my pillow. I didn't want to get up but there was no point in staying in bed. I struggled out of the sheets binding me to my mattress, damp fabric clinging, taking what little energy I had left.
Snaking my legs over the edge, my toes seeking the floor like a forked tongue, I stepped into a thick black goo. It covered the toes of both feet, my right thigh and my left buttocks. Picture a dark vacuum sealed plastic package or … one of those shiny latex fetish catsuits with a zipper over the mouth hole.
I gasped for air and sucked in evil, thick as crude oil. I tried to go to my safe place but I had a hard time remembering where that is.
The attack lasted for three minutes.I know because I counted off the seconds in my head to distract myself from the pain.
I thought meeting an angel would be pleasurable not painful. Electric shocks; crashing thunder; crushing darkness: Iron needles pierced my head behind my eyes.
I directed my sight at him but my vision slid off the edges of his body. Onto? Into? Six black wings, opaque and massive as the point of no return.
I was on the verge of my own personal event horizon.


  1. nice intense.

    think i would slow it down a bit, play up the attack a bit and let us see it more...maybe even open with her in bed in thought about the previous night or something that gives a little room for character development so that we care a bit more about her before the attack....just a few thoughts....smiles.